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Trust in a locally Veteran Family owned Digital Marketing Agency to help with all of your Custom Website needs. Our Company provides a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all of our Services and can complete most websites within days, not weeks


Thank you for choosing Leap Frogg Marketing Solutions to assist you with your Digital Marketing Strategy.  Please review this Service Agreement in its entirety and authorize the purchase by completing the signature process.


Primary Contact Name: Paige

Phone Number: (757) 738-2804



Services – Custom Shopify Website including creating entire site similar to example provided by Client, using Client’s paid theme and 12 Months of maintenance and updates

Total Cost: $750 – Client will import all products


Billing Terms: Client agrees and acknowledges to the following payment plan:

  1. Full payment of $750

Website Creation:  Leap Frogg Marketing agrees and acknowledges to create a Customized Shopify website similar to Client’s reference site and using current theme.

Live Date:  Leap Frogg Marketing agrees and acknowledges to provide a home Page mockup within 48 hours after the Client has uploaded products. Once the Home Page is approved by Client and prices are provided, the remaining website will be done within 5 Business days.

Maintenance:  Leap Frogg Marketing agrees and acknowledges to provide Maintenance for a course of 12 months that includes updates, Plugin Updates, changes, adding/removing banners, changing content, ensuring form are working properly, and minor changes to enhance the websites.

Website Guarantee:  Leap Frogg Marketing agrees and acknowledges to provide a 100% money back guarantee if the client is not 100% satisfied with the work we have completed. 

Cancellation Fee:  Leap Frogg Marketing does not charge a Cancellation Fee or impose any additional fees, monthly or annually, outside of this Agreement.

2nd Year HostingLeap Frogg Marketing agrees and acknowledges to provide Maintenance and hosting for 2nd year at $250 per year.  This rate is subject to change by 10% per year and the Client will be notified in writing 60 days prior to expiration of any change.

Ownership:  Leap Frogg Marketing agrees and acknowledges that the client owns 100% of all pages, content, domains, files, photos, logos, social media accounts and anything & everything else attached to the Company. Leap Frogg Marketing does not hold or retain any accounts after separation.

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